Palermo Cathedral

The cathedral of Palermo is full of cultural references to other regions of the world. To understand its different architectures, we must place ourselves in the historical context of the X century.

Due to the attacks of the Normans in northern Italy, the invasion of the Umayyad Caliphate in the peninsula of Spain and the defeats of the Crusades in Jerusalem, the city of Palermo felt unprotected by the different cardinal points.

So much was the lack of protection of the island, that it was ordered to build a cathedral that would also serve as a defense of the city, becoming a cathedral-fortress for the entire population.

Taking advantage of the arrival of merchants and architects from other territories to the city, the cathedral of Palermo took advantage of these new cultures for the inspiration of the construction.
In the cathedral, we can find Arab, Byzantine and Norman styles highlighting the Latin cross plan and the multiple chapels inside, preserving all its beauty to this day.

In July 2015, the cathedral of Palermo was included in the list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO being a visual wonder for all visitors and lovers of architecture and the art.

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